Berlin Packaging Proves That Distribution Can Be Sexy.

We can talk about Berlin values, but it’s really about a psychological contract of expected behaviors between our company and employees.

— Andrew Berlin

 Listen, download, and learn more at:
Listen, download, and learn more at:

In this discussion, Andrew Berlin, Jeremy Lagomarsino, and Dirk Beveridge, focus on the importance of and the power of culture. How does a company in distribution – which we have been told numerous times is not a sexy business – attract and retain smart, engaged, energetic, ambitious employees who create superior results?

Andrew and Jeremy have figured it out. They have made distribution sexy while generating double digit compounded annual growth rates. They have created a culture that acts as a magnet for employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. Not through Silicon Valley type ping pong tables, free massages, or beer bashes. But through a tremendous track record, amazing opportunity in the future, willingness to invest, and clearly communicated mutual obligation.

Berlin’s unique, and importantly … consciously crafted culture is captured with their trademarked belief that Anything is Possible™ and their brilliant T-Chart which defines mutual obligations between the company and employee.

You don’t think distribution is sexy? Your mind will be forever altered after listening to Andrew, Jeremy, and Dirk in this episode.