Introducing the South Bend Cubs

We are now The South Bend Cubs.


South Bend's baseball team entered a new era with a new team name Thursday.

Team owner Andrew Berlin announced to the community that the local single A team will be called the South Bend Cubs. Berlin was joined by the President of the South Bend team and top management from the Chicago Cubs in a press  held early Thursday at the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce.

"We are now The South Bend Cubs," said Berlin to a media-packed room at the Chamber of Commerce. 

Affection for and loyalty to the Chicago Cubs goes back generations in this community. We’ve listened to fans throughout the region, and this is a name that we know they are thrilled about.
— Andrew Berlin, Team Owner

Berlin also unveiled a new logo for the team that he described as the model that the team expects to use in the design of new uniforms, apparel and other South Bend Cubs branded items.

"We're moving fast," added Berlin. "Officials gave South Bend a special waiver so that we could show you this today, but something as important as a logo needs to be approved by the league and by the Chicago Cubs. So, I can't call it official yet, but it is what you're likely to see on all our uniforms, apparel, advertising and merchandise from now on."

We’re thrilled to begin this partnership with South Bend and we’re looking forward to working with everyone here.
— Theo Epstein

Berlin was joined by President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs, Theo Epstein who said "We're thrilled to begin this partnership with South Bend and we’re looking forward to working with everyone here."

"It is important to have first-class facilities not only at the big league level, but also throughout our farm system. South Bend provides exactly what we were looking for both as a community and as a farm club," Epstein added

"This is a great day for the community, for the region," added Joe Hart, President of the South Bend Cubs. "The vote of confidence that the Chicago Cubs have given this team, is really a vote of confidence for this whole region. I am especially proud to live and work here. And I encourage everyone to come out for opening day next April at Four Winds Field. We’re going to do our part to help the Chicago Cubs win a World Series someday soon."