When the New Year arrives, everyone is quick to make new resolutions.

But most of these resolutions quickly fall by the wayside. Instead, I like to regularly look at what’s happening around me and stay vigilant every day.

My point of view is anchored on some core tenets that I’ve built over my career.  These include:

  • Not all business models are created equal.
  • The right people make all the difference. 
  • Thrill is better than satisfaction.
  • The proof is in the pudding. Talk is cheap; the more we are able to prove our performance, the better. 

I seek to live by these ideas and make myself a better person and leader. My goals are to…

…identify and avoid the mistakes I make. I think this is a growth strategy unto itself, because each mistake is a drag to progress.

…set the bar even higher. Whether it’s related to leadership, innovation, or executional precision – I want to deliver even greater things tomorrow.  Doing the status quo is my anti-strategy!

…invest for success. I’m prepared to spend more resources – time, money, passion – to build a greater enterprise. 

…not wait for permission. I want to control my own destiny. In business, it’s tempting to point to the overall economy as a factor governing performance. Sure, it’s nice having tailwinds, but companies can forge their own futures with determination and moxie.

These are my resolutions on January 1 and every other day of the year. I am always eager to learn and improve.