Transformative Leadership That Redefines The Status Quo

Being curious and wanting to learn, having an adventurous soul, embracing the journey of life, it adds color, perspective and new lenses of looking at problems and opportunities.

— Andrew Berlin

 Listen, download, and learn more at:
Listen, download, and learn more at:

In this fifth and final episode with Andrew, we have the unique opportunity to learn first hand the principles by which he leads his packaging distribution business Berlin Packaging, his professional baseball team the South Bend Cubs, and his life.

The results speak for themselves. Through Andrew’s leadership, Berlin Packaging which was once a traditional pick-pack-and ship distribution company has transformed to become the innovative leader and juggernaut in the industry with unprecedented and unmatched growth. Leveraging the same leadership principles, Andrew purchased a struggling professional baseball team and crafted the organization’s turnaround that makes the South Bend Cubs a role model of success through amazing customer experience and financial success.

There are lessons every step of the way that Andrew openly shares in this can’t miss episode.

In this 29 minute episode Andrew, Jeremy, and Dirk discuss:

  • Four categories of leadership – Vision, Work Ethic, Integrity, Voracious Learner

  • The questions every leader must answer as they communicate their vision to the organization

  • Why the 5 to 7 rule is important to leadership

  • The role vulnerability and humanity play in effective leadership

  • The first questions every CEO must ask before investing in a business

  • The four top of mind issues every business leader must consider when taking on responsibilities to lead an organization

  • The absolute importance of taking a strong inventory on employees and leaders in the company

  • The secret of breaking through the tyranny of the urgent