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The T-Chart is Berlin’s Constitution

I want to share a history lesson. The Constitution of the Unites States is the supreme law of the land. It establishes many foundational elements including the branches of government, the roles of the federal government vs. state governments, and a set of individual rights including the first ten amendments, which are called the Bill

Regular Reflections

When the New Year arrives, everyone is quick to make new resolutions. But most of these resolutions quickly fall by the wayside. Instead, I like to regularly look at what’s happening around me and stay vigilant every day. My point of view is anchored on some core tenets that I’ve built over my career.  These include:

Qualities of a Leader

Qualities of a Leader I became CEO of Berlin Packaging in 1989. Since then, I’ve evolved as a leader. I’ve learned from some great mentors, I’ve learned from my mistakes, I’ve taken classes, and I’ve read a lot of great books on the topic.  To me, there are four pillars to leadership: integrity, articulated vision, work


I saw a couple fascinating statistics recently. First, Fortune Magazine publishes a list every year of the 500 largest public companies. They started publishing the list in 1955. When comparing the 1955 list to the 2014 list, only 61 of the original companies are still on the list. This means that only 12% of the